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ENGLISH Interview Schreinerei Müller GmbH Part 2

Part 2 of the interview with Schreinerei Müller GmbH is about the motivation to get involved in the digital experience. And this at a time when EDP was usually only found in large industries.

Learn a perspective on why it still makes sense to look for new ways, take risk and be first-in-class, i.e. the first in the industry. Let's let an experienced user have their say.

This is encouraging to lead the way for your customers and to give a digital experience. Especially small companies can gain a lot of trust from customers, and your advantage of offering everything from a single source, from planning, consulting, manufacturing, assembly and care, without having to buy the cat in a poke. And the article also shows that a digital factory does not only begin in production.

And soon we will have the 3rd part ready. Stand by!

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